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What do I need to do before my Cosmetic Tattoo appointment?

What do I need to do before my Cosmetic Tattoo appointment?

This article contains relevant information about what you need to know and do before your Cosmetic Tattoo appointment.

  • You cannot give blood for 4 months after you receive a tattoo

  • Fish Oil - cease taking this 7 days prior to your tattoo appointment

  • Eyeliner Tattoo - stop all Lash Enhancement Serums 4 weeks prior

  • Lip Tattoo - If you suffer from Cold Sores, visit your pharmacist and request a suitable anti-viral treatment - to begin before your procedure

  • Brows - avoid hair stimulating serums 2 weeks prior

  • Do not have anti-wrinkle injections, no less than 2 weeks before, and no less than 4 weeks before for first timers, prior to your tattoo appointment

  • No aspirin, coffee or alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo

  • Do not cease any medications without consulting your Doctor first

  • Please avoid applying Retinol (Vitamin A) skincare products, close to the area, to be treated - 6 weeks prior to your procedure

  • Avoid professional chemical peels 4 weeks prior, and continuously after your procedure on or close to the area.

  • Avoid sun tanning or fake tanning so we can assess your natural skin tone

  • Avoid IPL laser hair removal 2 weeks prior to your procedure

  • Avoid brow shaping, waxing, tinting & threading within 1-2 weeks of your appointment. Your brow shape will be tidied, outside of your tattooing, if needed, at your appointment

  • Please arrange for your personal anaesthetic gel/cream with your Cosmetic Tattooing Technician, before your appointment, so that we can forward the appropriate forms & orders to a compounding chemist, and so your anaesthetic can arrive on time

  • Feel free to wear your usual brow makeup to your consultation or brow tattooing appointment

  • Your tattooing appointment is a two-part process; after your initial consultation, your Perfection appointment will take place 4-6 weeks later

  • No Cosmetic Tattooing will be performed if you have serious health issues such, as Type 2 Diabetes, or take certain medications, unless you have an approval letter from your Doctor

  • Brow Boss by Fiona only performs Cosmetic Tattooing if you are over the age of 18. In special cases, this may be considered with written parental consent

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment - please call Fiona on 0416 276 344.

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