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If one or both of your nipples were removed when you had a mastectomy, you can in most cases choose to have surgery, tattooing, or both to recreate the nipple and the areola. Some people find that having their nipples reconstructed or tattooed is a critical final step in the breast reconstruction process.

3D nipple tattoos are real tattoos, applied with needles that insert pigment into the skin. An experienced nipple tattoo artist can create an amazingly realistic image of a nipple that appears to have a physical dimension but is flat to the touch. In recent years, a growing number of people have been opting for 3D nipple tattoos instead of nipple reconstruction surgery. Also, plastic surgeons often recommend 3D nipple tattoos instead of nipple reconstruction surgery. Nipple tattooing can also be done to enhance the results of nipple reconstruction surgery.

Some of the advantages of choosing to tattoo alone are:

  • avoiding nipple reconstruction surgery and the creation of new scars

  • an easier healing and recovery process

As an experienced tattoo artist, I can add fine details and colouring to the nipple and areola that can't be done with surgery.

3D areola tattoo can be performed with or without nipple reconstruction. The final 3D effect can look incredibly real, especially with a blank canvas and not having to endure another risky surgery. The 3 D tattoo is designed to appear like a natural areola/nipple using a soft blush tattoo technique and light and shade.

When does the tattooing take place? – The time between diagnosis and time to tattoo can be approximately two years depending on the circumstances. Sometimes tattooing can take place as little as six months after surgery, with your Doctors recommendation. For Trans- Male or Trans-Female operations, tattooing can be performed 3-6 month post-surgery.

As a Tattoo artist, it is my honour and privilege to perform this procedure.

The creative and skill side is my specialty, and I take pride in nurturing my clients throughout the whole process.

Together we will discuss Shape, Size and colour tones of your chosen 3D Areola design.

The procedure is a two-part process, 5-6 weeks apart: up to 40% of the pigment can be rejected after the first appointment; therefore, the two stages are crucial for best results. The process also allows the first tattoo to heal. I add in more colour or definition at the second, "Perfection" appointment.

A special note regarding Breast Cancer statistics in 2020:

19,974 new diagnosis (167 males and 19,807 Females) 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 1 in 675 men.

On average, 53 people will be diagnosed every day.

Australia has one of the best breast cancer survival rates in the world.

Remember to self-check and have regular medical breast checks – mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound. Do the trifecta of tests if you have any concerns and always get a second or third opinion if you know something is not right.

Types of mastectomies and surgeries

There are several different types of mastectomies, based on how the surgery is done and how much tissue is removed.

Radical mastectomy

"The Original Mastectomy" Entire Breast, Nipple & Lymph nodes in the armpit are all removed. Surgeons are now moving away from this type of mastectomy.

Skin-sparing mastectomy

In this procedure, most of the skin over the breast is left intact. Only the breast tissue, nipple and areola are removed.

Nipple-sparing mastectomy

The breast tissue is removed, but the breast skin, areola and nipple are left in place. This can be followed by breast reconstruction.

Simple (or total) mastectomy

In this procedure, the surgeon removes the entire breast, including the nipple, areola, and skin. Some underarm lymph nodes may be removed depending on the situation.

Modified radical mastectomy

A modified radical mastectomy combines a simple mastectomy with the removal of the lymph nodes under the arm.

Lumpectomy – Taking a section of the breast (lump) where cancer or tumour lies.

Trans-Gender Surgeries

Trans-Gender to male: after a double Mastectomy, a male style 3D areola is required.

Trans-Gender to female: after breast implants and breast construction, a female style 3D areola is required, ( with or without nipple reconstruction surgery).

Nipple reconstruction surgery is usually a separate surgery and can involve extra complications and secondary infections.

About me

I am a Trained Advanced Beauty and Dermal Therapist. I have treated thousands of clients over 20+ years, including 6 years as a Dermal Therapist in a high-end Cosmetic Medical Clinic.

Fiona at Boss Aesthetics

Advanced Beauty and Dermal Therapist

0416 276 344

13/465 Oxley Drive, Runaway Bay, 4216

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