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Also known as ‘Paramedical Tattooing’. This means different things to different people, but essentially at its core, Medical Tattooing is all about healing.



Relating to services and professions that supplement & support medical work. But do not require a fully qualified physician – such as nursing, radiography, emergency first aid, physical therapy, dietetics and now tattooing.


These procedure are becoming more common among people who have undergone surgeries or experienced accidents that have changed the appearance of their skin. Paramedical Tattooing can be used to cover up scars using a combination of micro-needling & micro-pigmentation.

My name is Fiona Ireland, and with my history as a Dermal Therapist for 25+ years, I understand the importance of our skin – the largest organ of the body alongside feeling good in our skin.

In addition to my Dermal Therapist skills, I am a PMU Artist and Paramedical Tattooist. Feeling good in our skin can, for some people, be about eradicating skin irregularities, trauma reminders from medical & elective surgeries, accidents, burns, skin grafts, gender transitioning, and normal skin conditions like birthmarks, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks and more.


This is a Skin Procedure to treat various skin conditions, using a device with small surgical steel needles that oscillate into the skin, creating a micro-wound. This then instigates an inflammatory response in the cells stimulating the growth factors and collagen & elastin to heal, repair, regenerate fresh skin cells and giving the skin a smoother, firmer and more even-toned appearance and dexterity. Particularly with Medical Tattooing, Micro-needling can soften the texture and tone of the scar and transform the scar tissue into fresh skin cells. Micro-needling allows a more fluid result for the next step, ‘Scar Camouflage’.


Also known as Permanent Make-up (PMU) or Cosmetic Tattooing. This cosmetic procedure is used to improve or replace lost colouring on your skin by implanting pigment. This procedure can enhance the anchor points of your face where hair growth has become sparse & definition is faded, or lip line and lip colour have disappeared. Brows – Lips – Eyes Anchor points can be naturally enhanced using subtle tattooing techniques and pigments.

Micro-pigmentation is also used in ‘Scar Camouflage’, where pigment is tattooed into the scar or skin graft to blend rather than stand out.

Who benefits from Medical Tattooing?

  • The client who is sick and tired of the blue radiation marker tattoo they’ve been left with after kicking cancers butt – turn this into a freckle!

  • Skin Cancer biopsies have gone too deep and are now devoid of skin colour and left a white mark on the skin.

  • Breast Cancer Survivors who have had a single or double mastectomy can feel naked without nipples. Nipple reconstruction, which has healed without much Areola/nipple colour. 3D Areola/Nipple Tattooing, lifelike tattoo design to represent a natural 3D Nipple appearance. This can be the final healing step in this journey of survival.

  • Self Harm Scars can be a reminder of a difficult period in someone’s life. After Scar Camouflage, these areas can now blend with the surrounding areas, and a new healed process begins where the client can now look upon these areas of their body with new healed acceptance.

  • Gender Affirming – Everybody has the divine right to feel at home in their correct body. Gender Transitioning surgeries consist of ‘Top’ & ‘Bottom’ procedures. ‘Top’ surgeries can consist of Breast Augmentation or Double Mastectomy. Male or Female 3D Nipple tattooing or surgery Scar Camouflage finishes this procedure beautifully.

  • ‘Bottom’ surgeries for Trans-male can consist of multiple surgeries to create a penis; this is known as ‘Phalloplasty’. In this procedure, surgeons harvest one or more flaps of skin and other tissues from a donor site on the body forearm or thigh & use it to form a penis & urethra. The finished result can be an ashen skin colour which can then be camouflage tattooed to appear incredibly natural alongside scar camouflaging around the perimeter attachment areas to appear seamless. The Skin Graft site can also be micro-needled to assist with softening and repairing this tissue which may have healed in a contracted state and can become uncomfortable over time.

  • Large, sometimes dark visible birthmarks can leave clients feeling very self-conscious.

  • IPL laser Hair removal or body art tattoo removal, where the laser has burnt the skin and left ‘Hypo-pigmentation’, a white spot in the skin devoid of natural skin colour.

  • Facelift surgery: scaring around the front & back of the ear and into the hairline. This client may now be too self-conscious to wear their hair back or get caught on a windy day where their hair randomly blows off their face revealing these scars. Scar camouflage around the ear & micro-blading hair strokes into the hairline seamlessly blends these areas so naturally that you can’t even see these scars, which allows this client to wear their hair back confidently.

  • Breast Augmentation and Breast lift/reduction (Lollipop scars). Scar camouflage can finish these procedures to a smooth colour transition from scar to natural surrounding skin colour.

  • Mummy Makeover – Tummy Tuck & Belly button reassignment. Refresh the final stage of this transformative surgery to make these scars less noticeable or disappear to the naked eye.

  • Skin Cancer Removal – The leftover Surgical scars that have saved your life. These scars can involve a skin graft from a donor part of your body which is an entirely different colour. Skin Graft camouflage can bring this area to blend more naturally to the surrounding skin, even in the lip area.

There are so many areas where Medical Tattooing has an important role. As you can see above, each of these situations ultimately results in the next stage of healing & acceptance. Medical Tattooing can heal the trauma, emotions and psychological connections to scars with the Scar Camouflage process.

If you would like a consultation or further information regarding my skills and services at Boss Aesthetics, please contact me.

Fiona Ireland


Advanced Beauty and Dermal Therapist

0416 276 344

13/465 Oxley Drive, Runaway Bay, 4216

About me

I am a Trained Advanced Beauty and Dermal Therapist. I have treated thousands of clients over 20+ years, including 6 years as a Dermal Therapist in a high-end Cosmetic Medical Clinic.

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